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typical camp schedule

Campers and counsellors enjoy a day filled with making great memories, learning & laughing with friends, and discovering new adventures!

7:30 am    Wake Up & Getting Ready for the day.  


8:00    Breakfast - Campers start the day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast!

9:00  Self-Study - Campers have an opportunity for self-study. Campers are provided with a variety of educational resources, discover something they find interesting, and share it with others. 

10:00  Interactive Learning Session - Campers engage in interesting and inspiring workshops on applying Jain philosophy to daily life.   

11:30  Yoga & Mantras - Either outside under the trees or the recreation hall, campers learn simple yoga postures and mantras which are useful for their daily life. 

12:30  Lunch - Another hearty meal for everyone to enjoy. 

1:30   Outdoor Ed - Campers get into nature either on a beautiful forest hike, or challenge themselves on a low ropes activity, or play in a big group game in the field

3:30  Swimming - Campers cool off in the beautiful Olympic-size swimming pool, supervised by counsellors and a lifeguard. Group activities, reading time or crafts are arranged for those who choose not to swim.

5:00  Dinner - After an active afternoon, campers feast on a delicious meal of healthy goodness! 

6:00  Evening Program - Campers enjoy an evening activity either creating exciting arts & crafts projects, solving a puzzle in teams, or having a group discussion on a topic of their interest. 

7:45  Sunset Meditation - Campers relax and breathe while listening to the sounds of forest.  

8:30  Snack Time and Campfire/Stargazing/Night Hike/Games night - Campers enjoy a healthy snack and enjoy some night time fun singing at the campfire or going for a night exploration of the forest trails. Spontaneous talent shows are not uncommon!

9:30  Dorm Time - Campers return to their dorms with their counsellor. Counsellors check-in with campers, find out how their day was, play dorm games and call it a night. 

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