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Our Story.

Towards Ahimsa's origins began over thirty years ago, when a Jain Monk, Acharya Sushil Kumarji, came to Canada from India to teach the principles of Ahimsa (ie, non-violence in thought, word and action).  He conducted camps which profoundly influenced a group of youngsters who, now grown-up, have decided to continue the spirit of these camps for the community at large. 


Jainism is an ancient philosophy with conceptual similarities to Hinduism and Buddhism.  The practice of Ahimsa is central to Jain philosophy, but this principle of non-violence is shared by all of the world's major religions. 


A cohort of original campers successfully ran youth camps for nine years from 2002 to 2010 under a faith-based organization. In 2011, Towards Ahimsa was born with a specific focus on the universal principle of Ahimsa.


Towards Ahimsa encourages logical, rational, and respectful discourse of spirituality and morality, without blind faith nor blind acceptance of historical doctrine.  Thus, Towards Ahimsa welcomes participants of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures. 

Acharya Sushil Kumarji


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