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Towards Ahimsa workshops are interactive, engaging and thought provoking for audiences of all ages.  Workshops typically include cooperative group activities, discussions, debates, and hands-on participation. 


Feel free to contact us if your group would like to host a Towards Ahimsa workshop or overnight camp. Below are just some of the workshops we provide. You may customize a workshop too!  Email us at:

types of workshops Towards Ahimsa can host for you:

Past Workshops conducted by Towards Ahimsa

Compassionate Communication

In this session, participants learned from sharing with one another.  Participants were led through trust games and invited to share personal stories to learn from one another.  The Jain principles of Anekantavada and Aparigraha were explored in connection with mental & financial health.  Participants left with journal writing homework and potential skills they could use to encourage Ahimsa in their own home. Focus: Jain Society of Toronto, Women’s Group March 28, 2012 at 1:30-4:30pm. Location: Jain Society of Toronto, 48 Rosemeade Ave, Etobicoke

Food for Thought, Wellness for the Mind, Body and Others

In the Food for Thought workshop, participants will begin to develop a deeper understanding of the environment, which is responsible and sustainable; consider the reasons to become vegetarian or vegan; explore what it means to be a youth in today's society with extended internal and external pressures; discuss wellness of the mind and body; and understand the importance of social engagement.This workshop focuses on applying the Jain concepts of Ahimsa and Aparigraha to daily living through an understanding of where our food comes from to what we are putting into our bodies.Focus Age: 7-16 years April 11, 2015 at 1-4pm Location: Jain Society of Toronto, 48 Rosemeade Ave, Etobicoke

Cooking Class: Vegan Indian Desserts

This cooking class involved teaching participants how to prepare scrumptuous versions of classical Indian desserts without using dairy products.

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