camp activities

Art & Crafts
​Campers get some options to create nature based crafts like dream catchers, hanging-planters, eco-house models, and others.
​​A camp favourite! Crazy campfire songs, skits and stories under the stars! (If we're lucky, we roast vegan marshmallows too!)
Campers have a chance to learn how to cook and bake tasty vegetarian treats!
Holi in Canada! Campers love our cultural activities like Holi and dancing to Bollywood tunes!
Eco Workshops
Campers enjoy engaging, hands-on eco workshops, learning about ecology and sustainability.
Through large group games, team sports and quiet games in the lounge, counsellors foster friendships amongst campers.​
With over 200 acres to hike and with their guide, campers will find natural treasures exploring the forest and trails.
​​​Journaling gives campers time to think about all that they have learnt throughout the day. We provide each camper with journals and pencils.
Low Ropes
Low ropes elements are perfect to encourage cooperation, communication skills, and self-confidence.
Camper are encouraged to lead other campers in simple yoga and meditation activities to build confidence and leadership skills. As well teaching others helps camper solidify their own understanding of a topic. Campers aged 18+ may go on to become camp counsellors.
Through simple games and techniques, campers learn how to meditate, improve concentration, and increase self-awareness.
Interactive Classes
Open forums explore the connections between us, animals and the environment. Approved by Ontario Certified Teachers, the forums are age-appropriate, interactive and engaging.
Away from the city lights, campers enjoy the wonders of the night sky. On a clear night we find major constellations, and maybe the milky way or a shooting star!
Either in groups or on their own, campers enjoy showing off their talents in a casual, fun-filled night!
Yoga improves strength, flexibility, stamina and concentration. Our yoga instructor teaches campers fun and comfortable yoga routines they can practice at home.
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