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About Towards Ahimsa.

We believe that Ahimsa is at the core of all living beings, and once it is fully discovered, it’s a powerful force which leads to betterment of self, society, and the planet.


We envision a friendly, safe, nurturing society, living in harmony with the planet and its creatures, whose foundation lies on each individual's realization of Ahimsa. 


To teach the essence of Ahimsa and apply it to life in today’s world.


To cultivate a community of support, learning and friendship under the philosophy of Ahimsa. 


To run an annual youth camp that teaches Ahimsa, builds community, and empowers youth.


Our Logo

Our name, Towards Ahimsa, encourages a continuous evolution towards a more peaceful existence within our selves, our ecosystem, our communities, and our world. Ahimsa, the principle of non-violence, stands on the belief that all existence is bound together by mutual support and interdependence.


The symbol we have adopted to represent Towards Ahimsa was conceived by


 "This symbol is presented like a metaphor of us and our earth. It is a big organism and we, people, are parts of this organism; we are not separate. And the earth is also just a part of an even bigger organism. Our earth is like a tree with roots that extend to the vast cosmos. Everything is interconnected."  By realizing that all existence is connected with oneself, the depth and importance of practicing Ahimsa is understood. 

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